Описание конференции:

We warmly invite Bachelor and Master of Science students, postgraduates and young scientists to participate in the conference «Progress through Innovations».
The working languages of the conference: English, German and French.
Following the results of the conference the Committee plans to publish a collection of abstracts (Proceedings) in English, German and French that is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) base with the ISBN assigned.

Требования к научным статьям:


The working languages of the conference: English, German and French.
The abstract should be one – three pages (A5, 300 – 700 words) long. The number of authors is restricted to three. Each author can publish only two abstracts in one issue.
The file name should consist of the last name, the initial letters of the first name and the patronymic of the author, the dash (-) and the number of the section, e.g. (PetrovAG-1.doc).
The abstract should contain the problem statement, the object studied, methods and techniques used and results achieved, the novelty and the application field of the results.
The text of every abstract submitted electronically should be prepared according to the guidelines applied:
length of the manuscript – 1-3 full pages;
format – A5 (148 mm х 210 mm);
font – Times New Roman, Size 11, Colour Black
line spacing – single with automatic hyphenation;
paragraph: indent – 0,5 cm, spacing before – 0, after – 0;
margins: top – 2,0 cm, bottom – 30cm, left/right – 1,45 mm.;
page orientation – portrait.
These requirements are applied to such items of the abstract as text, figures, formulas, tables, except the key words and 100-150 symbol abstract in the beginning, which are to be written in Italics, font – Times New Roman, Size 10, Colour Black
Numbers of the references should be given in square brackets in the text of the article.
Do not position the references as footnotes, please!

Text Layout
The first line – “the name of the abstract”- upper-case first letters of meaningful words (in bold type) centered, single-spaced – 11pt;
the second line –the first co-author’s name centered, single-spaced, positioned below the name of the abstract, in bold; the name of the organization, city, country, and the author’s e-mail, in italics – 10pt;
the third line (if necessary) – “the second co-author’s name centered, single-spaced, in bold; the name of the organization, city, country, and the author’s e-mail, in italics – 10pt;
the fourth line (if necessary) – the third co-authors’ name, centered, single-spaced, in bold; the name of the organization, city, country, and the author’s e-mail, in italics – 10pt;
The number of contributing authors should be restricted to three, the name of the presenter should be underlined.
the fifth line – the abstract – single spaced, (the font is Times New Roman, the font size is 10pt)
References should be positioned at the end of the article (the font is Times New Roman; the font size is 10pt).

Figures and Tables
The figures and tables should be referred to in the text as, for example, the figure (Fig. 1) or the table (Table 1) respectively. Try to lay out the text in such a way, that caption is positioned below the illustration, and, if possible, on one page. Each table should have a heading, which is placed above the table and justified right.
Table 1 – The heading of the table font: Times New Roman, Size 9, Colour Black
The content of the table – font: Times New Roman, Size 9, Colour Black
Each figure should have a caption that is placed below the figure and centered. All figures will be black and white in the printed version of the collection of papers.
Figure 1 – The caption – font: Times New Roman, Size 9, Colour Black
The template of the abstract is given in Appendix 2.

Abstract Title – Use Capital Letters, Line Spacing Single,
Center, Bold, Times New Roman, Size 11
Name Surname1, University, City, Country, e-mail–
Times New Roman, size 10
Name Surname2, University, city, country, e-mail –
Times New Roman, size 10

Abstract: This electronic document is a “live” template and already defines the components of your paper [title, text, heads, etc.] in its style sheet.
Keywords: component; formatting; style; styling; insert (key words)

This template, modified in MS Word 2007 and saved as a “Word 97-2003 Document” for the PC, provides authors with most of the formatting specifications needed for preparing electronic versions of their papers.
Abstracts should be written in English, German or French. The abstract is limited to 2 pages (A5, 300 – 700 words, Portrait). The text is limited to no more than 700 words. Fonts should be Times New Roman 11, margins: Left/Right 1,45 cm, Top 2 cm, Bottom 3 cm, Alignment: Justify, Line Spacing Single, Paragraph 0,5cm. Before/After 0pt. Make sure that all figures and photos are with captions in Times New Roman 9 Italic and are clearly visible.
The purpose of an abstract submitted to Progress through Innovations 2020 is to tell the Program Committee what new results you will present. It is important within the first few sentences to state what your primary results are. It is also important to identify how the new work differs from previous work of your own group and of other groups. After introduction of basic ideas and information, how the work relates to other works, present detailed descriptions of methods, devices, and results, specifically stating whether they are experimental or theoretical. After the presentation of results, it is useful to compare them with other work, discuss discrepancies or agreement, and comment on the broader impact.
Abstracts will be reproduced exactly as submitted and will not be edited in any way. Abbreviations should be kept to a minimum. Use of standard abbreviations is acceptable. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full term for the first time it appears. Linguistic accuracy is the responsibility of the authors.
All abstracts are to be sent in Word 97-2003 to the address [email protected] in one archived file with the application and a document, confirming the permission of the participant’s organization authorities for open publication The contact person is Alexandra Alyabieva: [email protected] The deadline to submit your abstract is February 28, 2020.
Every text citation must be listed under the heading References (Align Left, Bold). at the end of the text. In the text, every reference should be quoted at least once with indices in the form: [1] or [2, p 10]. Title of the paper, book/scientific journal/name of the conference of a resource published not in English should be in Latin letters (use: http://translit.net/ru/?account=lc) and accompanied by English (German, French) variant in square brackets.
Do not include more than two references.
After References put the name and scientific degree of your research adviser.

1. Brown, H.D. Principles of language learning and teaching, 4th ed., White Plains, NY, Addison Wesley Longman, USA, 2000.
2. Korotkina I.B. Ot lingvisticheskogo tsentra – k tsentru akademicheskogo pis’ma [From linguistic center to academic writing center] / Vysshee obrazovanie v Rossii [Higher education in Russia], Russia, 2013, No. 8-9, pp 121-124.

Research adviser: M.E. Royak, D.Sc. (Eng).

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