Описание конференции:

Nowadays, computer technology is an inseparable part of human activity from calculations to launching satellites. We can get the most of the modern opportunities due to innovations in this area. The conference ICCTI deals with many different directions, which development allows humanity to achieve an unprecedented level of progress. Scientists, researchers, IT experts and businessmen from all over the world will take part and submit papers to ICCTI-2020. All the papers will be reviewed by the program committee and published as the conference proceedings.

The conference venue was chosen not accidentally. St. Petersburg is well-known among the world famous scientists as a city of innovative research and the rapid development of science. Lots of scientific people began their scientific career here. The scientific achievements are not the only thing St. Petersburg is a wonderful place. Here you can find beautiful and Europe significant architecture buildings.

Gorky House of Scientists of Russian Academy of Science – is the oldest club-type institution of Russian scientific and cultural intelligentsia, operating in the Palace of the Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich. The Palace of the Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich is one of the greatest objects of the cultural heritage.

On January 31, 2020, Gorky House of Scientists of RAS will celebrate its 100th anniversary as an institution. For many years, the greatest minds of Russian science and culture have been working and communicating here. At different times the world-famous scientists, such as Ivan Pavlov, Nikolai Vavilov, Vladimir Vernadsky, Abram Ioffe, participated in scientific and educational works.

The conference will take place on 13 – 14 April 2020. ICCTI will be held on an annual basis, which will contribute to the popularization of scientific work at the field of computer technology. We will try our best to be fruitful and create only positive impressions!

Требования к научным статьям:

Every article has to conform to the IMRAD standard:

● Article name
● Authors
● Key words
● Abstract
● Introduction
● Literature review and research methods
● Results
● Discussion
● Conclusion
● Acknowledgments
● References

Please take into account that the articles have to be original research manuscripts never published before and not under consideration for publication in the proceedings of other conferences (journals, etc.)
The articles have to describe new research results that can be interesting to the international audience.
The article length has to be under six pages.
The article has to contain references to the works on the relevant subjects. The reference list has to contain at least 20 sources, majority of which indexed in Scopus or Web of Science. All the sources referenced have to be mentioned in the article and connected to the main topic of the conference and subject areas of the conference.
We are publishing articles written in good English only!

Please read the full Elsevier Publishing Ethics Guidelines (based on Elsevier recommendations and Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines on good publication practice). If your article contains figures or tables taken from other sources, you will need to obtain a corresponding permission to reproduce those from the respective publishers.

The number of authors for a single paper cannot exceed six people. One person cannot author more than three papers. The corresponding author has to be responsible for all the contacts and keeping in touch with the publishers. The corresponding author has to ensure that all the co-authors (and no inapplicable co-authors) are included in the paper and that all the co-authors have viewed and approved the final version of the paper and agreed to submit it for publication.

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Conference preparation and holding fee [Full payment] – 100 €
Conference preparation and holding fee [Additional paper] – 65 €
Conference preparation and holding fee [Listener] – 45 €

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