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Английский язык / Тест с ответами по английскому языку для 7 класса 12-02-2022 06:55:14 pm 8/9 Вероника Волынина
Русский язык / Тест с ответами: “Словарные слова” 10 класс 12-02-2022 04:21:24 pm 19/20 Женя Побудей
Биология / Тест с ответами: “Строение стебля” 12-02-2022 02:01:38 pm 7/19 Ярослав Плотников
Биология / Тест с ответами: “Строение стебля” 12-02-2022 01:52:26 pm 6/19 Ярослав Плотников
География / Тест с ответами: “Транспорт России” 12-02-2022 11:46:02 am 10/20 LORD NAКЛЗ

#1. We _____ be there until 8. We have a lot of time.

#2. You _____ have a visa if you have a foreign passport.

#3. You _________ called me first. I would take you away from your friends.

#4. I really _________ yell at him. It’s not his fault.

#5. – I don’t feel well. – You ______ see the doctor.

#6. You _________ be able to catch a ride with Jim. You should ask him before he leaves.

#7. We’ve worked very hard today. _________ we call it a day?

#8. You _____ be late for your job.

#9. He is so late. He ______ have forgotten about the agreement.

#10. This is a amazing villa! It _________ cost a pretty penny.

#11. You _____ pay by cheque. You can pay online with card.

#12. I ___ go home now. My cat needs feeding.

#13. Jack’s a millionaire. He _____ go to work.

#14. I ___ tell anyone what happened with you.

#15. Will you ______ help me with my history report tomorrow?

#16. ______ I use your computer please?

#17. ______ the first printers to print color photos?

#18. I _________ be really kind to her, but I don’t want to treat her like that.

#19. I _________ go to the wedding. I have to go to the hospital on the same day.

#20. We _____ pay now. We will pay after receiving our item.

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