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Медицина / Тест с ответами: “Стерилизация” 02-04-2023 05:38:36 pm 17/20 Юлия Каткова
История / Тест с ответами: “В гаванях афинского порта Пирей” 02-04-2023 01:46:28 pm 7/20 Егорка Казанюк
Астрономия / Тест с ответами: «Черные дыры» 02-04-2023 12:04:07 pm 7/20 h0peles sou1
Информатика / Тест с ответами: “Форматирование текста” 02-04-2023 10:08:33 am 13/20 Магомед Качалов
Охрана труда / Тест с ответами по теме: “Трудовое право” 02-04-2023 07:38:48 am 7/20 Вера Богданова

#1. Do you know the girl ____ we met at the shop?

#2. That is the prize ______ he won in the competition.

#3. These journals _____ I brought last year are already outdated.

#4. Children _____like chess are often good at mathematics.

#5. This is the jacket ____ I have already bought.

#6. The engineers ____ designed the building received an award.

#7. Sunday is the day ___ is regarded as a weekly rest day.

#8. You have to let me know ___ you are planning to do.

#9. ___ time are you leaving for the airport?

#10. The film ____ I saw yesterday was very interesting.

#11. We met a man ____ son was a cosmonaut.

#12. Have you seen a woman _____ came here yesterday?

#13. The car ___ was stolen belonged to my partner.

#14. Our grandpa has consulted the doctor ____ gave him this medicine.

#15. My kitten ___ got fish is running in the street now.

#16. That’s the girl ___ won the race.

#17. The desk ___ has so many shelves is very big.

#18. These are books _____ my mum wrote.

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