#1. The schoolchildren _______ lunch by the time I _______ in.

#2. When we came to our friends, their house was dirty, they ____ it for weeks.

#3. When the twins _______ at the party, the girls _______ home.

#4. I _______ at home because I _______ the performance

#5. Мы поужинали до того, как приехали наши родители. We ______ dinner before our parents ______

#6. Liana didn’t want to come to the cinema with us, because she ____ the film.

#7. Anna couldn’t call Maria, she __. her mobile that morning.

#8. When I came home after work I wasn’t hungry, I __ a dinner with my colleagues.

#9. The owner of the house _______ that the tenant _______ his wife.

#10. I _______ as I _______ at work all night.

#11. Я прочитала эту книгу к понедельнику. I ______ that book by Monday.

#12. When Max met Anna, he hardly recognized her, she ______ a lot.

#13. I thought that Mrs. Fowler ______ us everything.

#14. Как давно вы знали мистера Брауна до этого? How long ______ Mr.Brown before that?

#15. Я закончил свой проект вчера к 3 часам. I ______ my project by 3 o’clock yesterday.

#16. Я узнал что не сдал экзамен. I ______ out that I ______ the exam.

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