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Медицина / Тест с ответами: “Стерилизация” 02-04-2023 05:38:36 pm 17/20 Юлия Каткова
История / Тест с ответами: “В гаванях афинского порта Пирей” 02-04-2023 01:46:28 pm 7/20 Егорка Казанюк
Астрономия / Тест с ответами: «Черные дыры» 02-04-2023 12:04:07 pm 7/20 h0peles sou1
Информатика / Тест с ответами: “Форматирование текста” 02-04-2023 10:08:33 am 13/20 Магомед Качалов
Охрана труда / Тест с ответами по теме: “Трудовое право” 02-04-2023 07:38:48 am 7/20 Вера Богданова

#1. They (to be) sad, because their mother (to be) ill.

#2. Have you got ___ grammer books?

#3. ___ goes after Wednesday.

#4. Bob’s parents (to be) at work last Saturday.

#5. Where __________ uncle Patrick on a holiday? — In Kenya.

#6. What_______ you going to do after school?

#7. Your cake (to be) delicious!

#8. I think I go to the village next summer.

#9. We’ll go on a bicycle__________ (last/next) Sunday.

#10. When my grandfather (to be) young, he (to be) a pilot.

#11. September is the ___ month of the year.

#12. Two years ago Tom and Meg (to be) students.

#13. There is a gas-stove ___ the fridge.

#14. Не_________ going to be a teacher. He likes children.

#15. You (to be) in the library yesterday. I (to be) there too.

#16. Last year I (to be) in Paris.

#17. Anna’s room is on the ___ floor.

#18. There (to be) no apples in the fridge, there (to be) apple juice only.

#19. What ______ you painting?

#20. I don’t want ___ milk in my coffee.

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