#1. I don’t want ___ milk in my coffee.

#2. John has got ___ CDs.

#3. When you see 7. 30 on the clock – you say “It’s ___ ”

#4. Two years ago Tom and Meg (to be) students.

#5. Where __________ uncle Patrick on a holiday? — In Kenya.

#6. What ______ you painting?

#7. ___ goes after Wednesday.

#8. Buy ___ olive oil. We haven’t got ___ at home.

#9. They (to be) sad, because their mother (to be) ill.

#10. Bob’s parents (to be) at work last Saturday.

#11. There (to be) no apples in the fridge, there (to be) apple juice only.

#12. I_________ going to go to the mountains.

#13. Last year I (to be) in Paris.

#14. Last week he (to be) in London, but his friends (to be) in Cardiff.

#15. You (to be) in the library yesterday. I (to be) there too.

#16. The sofa is ___ the wardrobe and the desk.

#17. My friends______ working now.

#18. I think I go to the village next summer.

#19. When my grandfather (to be) young, he (to be) a pilot.

#20. Mary (to be) at school yesterday.

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