#1. There were many people ___ the party yesterday.

#2. Put the frozen pizza ___ the oven for ten minutes.

#3. We were ___ the seaside for 20 days.

#4. There is a new monument ____ the middle of the square.

#5. My son goes ___ school every day.

#6. They like swimming ___ the ocean.

#7. There is a new buiding ____ the left of the park.

#8. We spent a few days ___ Florence last week.

#9. He likes to swim ____ the swimming-pool.

#10. We saw many animals ____ the zoo yesterday.

#11. I try to do good ____ school.

#12. He’ll be ___ home tomorrow in the evening.

#13. Let’s drive ___ the field. It’s the shortest way.

#14. My father is ____ work now.

#15. Let’s have a walk ___ the coast.

#16. Put your money and documents ___ the cash desk.

#17. I was born ____ Kharkiv.

#18. Sam hasn’t been ___ a football match yet.

#19. We are going ___ Spain next year.

#20. The bus stopped ___ the traffic lights.

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