#1. The children are with _____ grandmother

#2. Are the teachers having _____ meeting now?

#3. I’m really sure my English was as well as ______.

#4. Ted and Laura live with ___ parents.

#5. ___ family doctor lives next door and often comes over for a cup of tea.

#6. I like _____ new job

#7. I must be at _____ place at exactly 9 o’clock in the evening today.

#8. He keeps ___ motorbike in the garage.

#9. The dog plays with ___ tail.

#10. Alison is doing _____ homework

#11. Children enjoy playing with ___ toys very much.

#12. Linda lent me ___ car for a few days.

#13. Do you live with _____ parents?

#14. Our children often get together with ___ classmates.

#15. Sally always takes ___ notebooks to school.

#16. The two sisters often have dinner with ___ parents.

#17. Jan had a car accident. Both ___ legs were seriously injured.

#18. What is ___ favourite computer game?

#19. Roberta has never invited me to her modern restaurant and I have never invited her to ____.

#20. She’s with _____ boyfriend

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