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1.If they______ (visit) Australia, they ______(go) to see whale show. 2. If the
bank ____(be) open, she ______(change) money. 3.When the student ______
(know) the tenses, he ______ (not fail) the exam. 4. If it______(be) cold, everyone
____(put on) warm coats. 5. If we ______(make) a shopping list, we _____(save)
our time. 6. If the traffic _____(be) busy, they____(not be) in time. 7.
He______(live) longer if he_____(stop) smoking.
Ex. 3. Fill in the blanks with the verbs using first conditional. .
1.She _______(come) to my party, if I invite her. 2. She _______ (get married)
him if he asks her to become his wife. 3. They _________ (move) to London if
they speak English. 4. If I __________(be) a millionaire I will travel a lot. 5. She
______ (live) in a detached house if she owns one. 6. If he speaks French, he
____________( not have) problems in France. 7. Jack _________(go) to the party
if his friends join him. 8. I____________ (visit) them if I have time. 9. Tom will
go there if he____________(know) how to get there. 10. If we cut the prices down,
our sales ____________(grow up).