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Русский язык / Тест с ответами: “Словарные слова” 10 класс 12-02-2022 04:21:24 pm 19/20 Женя Побудей
Биология / Тест с ответами: “Строение стебля” 12-02-2022 02:01:38 pm 7/19 Ярослав Плотников
Биология / Тест с ответами: “Строение стебля” 12-02-2022 01:52:26 pm 6/19 Ярослав Плотников
География / Тест с ответами: “Транспорт России” 12-02-2022 11:46:02 am 10/20 LORD NAКЛЗ
География / Тест с ответами: “Транспорт России” 12-02-2022 11:44:12 am 11/20 LORD NAКЛЗ

#1. Эти цветы для нее.

#2. I will make sure ___________________ you have everything you need.

#3. We are going to see a new performance in the theater. ___________________ is an adaptation of Somerset Maugham`s novel.

#4. I want _____ books not these ones.

#5. Please get rid of the milk, I can’t stand ___________________ smell.

#6. Who’s _____ person at the end of the street?

#7. _____ is my favourite movie, not this one.

#8. Ashley suggested ___________________ we should spend our vacation together, what do you think?

#9. We had a very strong basketball team last year, we won 15 matches in ___________________ season.

#10. Dear Samantha, when you read ___________________ letter I will be in another city.

#11. Let me introduce you to each other, ___________________ is Sally.

#12. Chimera (or ghost fish) _______ species is found in coastal waters around the Pacific Ocean.

#13. _____ workers are more productive than those ones.

#14. – Where is Kevin? – I did not see him since ___________________ morning. He looked unwell today.

#15. When I was young, people loved their work. In ___________________ days everyone cares only about the benefits.

#16. They are so happy to see you again, just look at ___________________ faces.

#17. Это очень трогательная история о животных.

#18. He doesn’t like _____ shoes here. Those ones there appear more like his style.

#19. Look at _____ clouds.

#20. Come here. Is _____ your key?

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